About Beverlys Hill

Øivind Martinsen, proprietor, is born and raised here in Velfjord.  During his childhood he fished the fjords and hiked the surrounding mountains.  He would bring home buckets of fish to his mother who made wonderful fish cake patties.

When Øivind married Beverly, an American, they would bring their boys to Velfjord for the summer.  This time the boys brought home buckets of fish to Beverly who learned how to make wonderful fish cake patties.  There was lots of hiking too in what was to become Lomsdal National Park.

Beverly would often go up the hillside to look out over the panoramic fjord.  She wanted to build a cabin here.  Beverly got her wish and the locals christened it Beverlys Hill.  After many years in the area, the neighbor property became available and Øivind was able to realize a dream of creating a “ wilderness” camp.

Now, Øivind and Beverly wish to share this gem of nature with others.  They look forward to sharing tips about the best fishing places or taking you on a guided hike.  Maybe if you bring back buckets of fish Beverly will teach you to make wonderful fish cake patties