Børja to Lomsdal and beyond

Børja to Lomsdal and beyond

This is “The Trip” in the National Park and you can do it as a day trip or spend weeks doing this!

After a 40min boat ride we arrive in Storbørja and unload. The first couple of km are “straight up” so it is a hard start. Then we follow the old path towards Strompdalen. This goes through gorges and small rives through dense forest. We come over the pass to Strompdalen and see our ShangRiLa.

The old farm in Stompdalen is no more but we clearly see the fields and old markings from houses and barns. The cabin in Strompdalen is part of the old farm house and has been restored. It houses  6-8 people and is equiped with basic kitchen equipment and gas for cooking. The Norwegian Trekking Association maintains the cabin, which is open to all.

From here we follow the path and cross over the hanging bridge over the waterfall to Breivatnan. Here we can either follow the “Winter track” or the “Ur track”. Both are streanous to start but when you come up on the plateau the rest of the way is like paved road – straight rocks and easy hiking. It is 5km in to Lomsdalen and we pass the gorge where the Lomsdal river disappears in the gorge. In Lomsdalen we hike through the old fields up to the waterfall and hanging bridge. There is also an open private cabin in Lomsdalen with 3 bunk beds and a very nice camp.

You can make this trip a daytrip if you are in very good shape but we recommend at least spend one night camping. We often hike back to Strompdalen and spend the night there.

From the hanging bridge in Lomsdalen you can hike in to Visten or Grane through either Velfjordskaret or Henriksdalen. This is a very streanous trip and you need to know your hiking and navigating well to find your way. This trip takes anywhere from 1-3 days  depending.

From either Strompdalen or Lomsdalen you can hike the highest peaks – you can do day trips up to Breivasstindan/Luvvasstind. Typically from Strompdalen this anywhere from 8-16 hours up and back!

You can also hike up along Nedre Breivann and towards Velfjordskaret where the path splits and you either hike towards the power station in Langfjorden(this is the way the propritor in Stompdalen walked to get to his township meetings9.

Also from Velfjordskaret we can hike to Midte and Øvre Breivann and over to Bjørnstokkvatn and down to Tosbotn. This is not a trip for beginners as the  terrain  is very “wild”and very steep in places.

Dock in Børja
Map of area
Warm day Strompdalen
Cabin Strompdalen
Cabin Strompdalen
Cabin Strompdalen
Cabin Strompdalen
Beverly , Dog, Øivind
Lomsdalen waterfall
Bridge to Henriksdalen
Cabin in Lomsdalen
Camp Lomsdalen
River Lomsdalen
View from Breivatnan to Lomsdalen
Showing way, Varde
Øvre og Midtre Breivann
Bjønnstokk Water reserv
Tierd Hiker